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How do I Request a Temporary "I-551 Stamp" (Green Card Stamps) Due to the Delayed Adjudica

Processing your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, will now take longer due to an ongoing problems with USCIS. Currently, the California Service Center processing time report indicates that the processing time for Form I-751 is approximately 15 months, while the Vermont Service Center processing time report indicates the processing time for an I-751 Petition is approximately 13 months. When the Form I-751 is filed, USCIS issues a Form I-797, Notice of Action, that extends the Conditional Permanent Resident (CPR) card for a period of one year from the expiration date on the card. Due to lengthy I-751 processing times, some Conditional Permanent Residents have cases that h

K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa: An A - Z Guide

The K-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows a foreign-citizen fiancé(e) to travel to the United States for a period of 90 days to marry their US citizen fiancé(e). Individuals on a K-1 visa have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency after marriage. Foreign-citizen fiancé(e)’s must meet the immigrant visa criteria to be granted a visa. Requirements for a Fiancé(e) Petition The US citizen fiancé(e) will serve at the petitioner The petitioner fiancé(e) must be a US citizen The couple will get married within 90 days of the foreign-citizen fiancé(e)’s entry into the US Both parties must be free by law to marry The couple must have met in person prior to filing for a K1 visa unless

Deportation Court in the Era of Trump: Why are Court Summons' ("Notice To Appear's&quot

According to court records, as of September 2017 the number of notices to appear in court have widely decreased since the Trump Administration has taken office. Notices to appear (NTAs) are documents from the Department of Homeland Security that call for the facing removal in adversarial proceedings. NTA holders future of deportation out of the United States will then be determined during a hearing in Immigration Court. The Trump administration claims that their apprehensions have increased since they have taken office, but numbers prove otherwise. The delay of filing of NTA’s had aided to concealing the fall of deportation cases under the Trump administration. Of the 75,000 cases that have

Terror & The Diversity Visa Process: Why Blaming the Process Is Not The Answer

First off, my heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims and all of those who were affected by the terrorist attack this week in New York. We as a country must come together to prevent future attacks of both citizens and non-citizen immigrants. The Trump Administration has decided to reprimand the Diversity Visa Lottery this upcoming year. The Diversity Visa Program was established to grant 50,000 individuals with a visa by entering a lottery of over 14 million people. Ending the DV lottery would put thousands of individuals out of a visa that they may not otherwise been able to obtain. Screening Process The screening process of DV lottery winners is as thorough and in depth a

Drug Conviction Reform: Governor Brown Signs AB 208 Into Law Providing Much Needed Protection For Im

California has a process known as deferred entry of judgment that allows individuals who have been convicted of a drug offense to seek counseling and treatment rather than being subjected to prison time. Individuals under deferred entry of judgment proceed by pleading guilty to their drug offense and automatically attending drug counseling. After completion of treatment, individuals will be rewarded with a clean slate on their record. Immigrants however, are at risk of deportation with a guilty plea and may not have the opportunity to seek treatment. If a non-citizen is successful through deferred entry of judgment, there is still a risk for later deportation as drug offenses often linger un

USCIS No Longer Deferring to Initial Applications When Adjudicating Renewals for Non-Immigrant Visas

The new Policy Memorandum titled Rescission of Guidance Regarding Deference to Prior Determinations of Eligibility in the Adjudication of Petitions for Extension of Nonimmigrant Status, directly affects the way that USCIS personnel will be adjudicating immigrant applications and petitions. The prior Memorandum that was announced in April 2004 directed adjudicators to acknowledge previous eligibility standards when adjudicating a petition extension of the same party. This new adjudication process was enforced indefinitely exempting instances of rare circumstances. In August 2015, a policy Memorandum was published to recognize prior eligibility standards within the integral process of approval



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