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Positive Changes to Immigration Procedures?! Validity for Form I-693, Immigrant Medical Exam, Extend

In October 2018, USCIS announced the policy guidance in Volume 8, Part B of the USCIS Policy Manual would be updated to demonstrate the longer processing times for adjustment of status applications. This policy guidance directly affects the period of validity of Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, for forms submitted prior to November 1, 2018. A civil surgeon must sign the form at most, 60 days before the date that an applicant applies for benefit for the form to be valid. This change provides applicants with a longer evidentiary value past two years as long as their medical examination is completed closer to the date of filing. A Form I-693 that was submitted

USCIS Processing Delays and Why Your Immigration Case is Taking so Long

Processing delays continue to persist within USCIS, holding thousands of individuals out of status every day. These delays are frightening for families awaiting visas and protection with no information regarding their uncertain future. Over the past two years, case processing time has increased by 46 percent, and up to 91 percent from 2014. We have found it such that as case volumes decrease, the delays continue to increase. USCIS has officially reached a level of crisis with these delays under the Trump Administration, affecting millions of lives. The consequences of the processing delays include setbacks for businesses losing talent, families continuing to be separated and survivors of vio



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