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Work Permit Denied? USCIS Shares Details on EAD Processing During Stakeholder Call

A form I-765 is used to request an employment authorization document (EAD). There are currently 625,000 I-765 applications waiting to be adjudicated and 394,000 are actively pending. If USCIS needs more information pertaining to an individual's I-765 application, they will issue a request for evidence (RFE). USCIS is currently waiting for responses from 19,000 I-765 applications that were RFE’d. Applicants must submit all documents that were requested from an RFE prior to having their application adjudicated. The percentage of pending I-765’s in time increments are as follows: For under 75 days? 43% 76-90 days? 5% 90-120 days? 10%. 121-160 days? 12% 160-180 days? 5% Over 180 days? 24% USCIS

Trump Denied: Supreme Court Denies Hearing the Trump Administration's Appeal for Deferred Action

On Monday, February 26, 2018, the Supreme Court denied hearing the Trump Administration's appeal for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The Trump Administration sees DACA as unconstitutional and attempted to put pressure on Congress to come up with a solution by the March 5th deadline. With the Supreme Court pushing back, the deadline is no longer present and DACA holders can continue to renew their DACA status. The Supreme Court may choose to hear the case at a later time but a total of four justices must agree to hear a case. On Monday the court stated; "It is assumed the court of appeals will act expeditiously to decide this case." DACA recipients who had DACA status in Septem



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