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Performing in the United States? What All Foreign Born Tourists (B-1 Visa Holders) Should Know Befor

Musical performers or members of a musical group that wish to come to the United States to perform may qualify for a B-1 temporary business visitor visa. Musical group members may qualify for such visa if they are traveling to the United States to perform in an unpaid musical showcase or conference. Previously, it was difficult for unpaid musicians to travel to the United States on a visa. Unpaid performances that demonstrate the musicians skill and expertise are not a reflection of an extraordinary working visa such as an O and P visa. On October 19, 2017, the Department of State confirmed that individuals or musical groups that would like to travel to the United States under certain circum

Is Your Work Permit Delayed? You're not alone

The American Immigration Lawyer's Association has received numerous reports from its members regarding the delayed adjudication of Forms I-765, Application for Employment Authorization (Work Permits) and Forms I-131, Application for Advance Parole (Travel Permits). Reports indicate that Work Permit applications are taking approximately 4.5 to 5+ months to process, though some have reported Work Permit applications are taking nearly 7 months to process. Travel Permit applications are taking as long as 5 months to process. The American Immigration Lawyer's Assoc. is raising this issue with USCIS and is hopeful it will be able to report back new information and updates as soon as possible.



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