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I-751, Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residence, Experiencing Additional Delays but Now Offer an

An I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence is used for conditional permanent residents who received status through marriage and would like to remove the conditions that reside on their permanent resident status. Status is considered to be conditional if it was received through a marriage that is less than two years old of when residence was received. This status is considered to be conditional because proof must be obtained to show that the marriage was not for immigration status purposes. An individual may apply to remove conditions on residence if they are married to the same U.S citizen or permanent resident after a full two years of marriage. One may also still apply if they we

A Clash is Coming: Immigration Legislation May be on the Horizon

Early this month, a House GOP Conference was held to strategize for the immigration legislation that is prompted to occur in the third week of June. President Trump spoke out last week about the immigration debate, believing that the majorities of the Senate and GOP’s House will be preserved after finding a permanent solution. "The Democrats want to use it as a campaign issue, and I keep saying, 'I hope they do.' The fact is the Democrats are lousy politicians. They are lousy on policy," Trump stated. The conservative lawmakers are not open to any outcomes that create alternate paths to citizenship for immigrants. The constant battle between the conservatives and the more moderate GOP’s on t



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