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Green Card Lottery Selections: An Expiring Option to Permanently Live and Work in the United States

The results for Diversity Visa Lottery Recipients opened on May 15th at 12pm EDT on the US State Department website. Individuals who applied for the Diversity Visa Lottery for the fiscal year 2019 in October/November 2017 can now check to see if they are winners. Applicants can check their DV lottery results by entering their confirmation number, last and first name, and their birth date into the portal.

Winners are eligible to migrate to the United States starting on January 1st, 2019 after a series of interviews in their home country. These in-depth interviews, payments, and corresponding required documents will determine if the winner is able to receive the visa.

The Diversity Visa Lottery allocates 55,000 Green Cards to individuals from countries with low immigration rates to the United States. These visas expand to Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Maldives citizens among many other countries.

Follow the link to view your DV-2019 Entrant Status:

If you have any questions regarding your status in the Diversity Visa Lottery, please contact Attorney Nicholas J. Mireles at

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