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Is Your Work Permit or Travel Permit Taking Forever? You Are Not Alone

Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization and Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, continue to be heavily delayed by USCIS in its adjudication process. The current wait time is approx. 4.5 to 6.5 months for I-765 applications based on pending I-485 adjustment of status applications (Green Cards). At this time all other types of I-765 applications are taking about 5-7 months to be adjudicated. I-765 and I-131 applications that are filed along with an I-485 adjustment of status application are being reviewed for a second time prior a decision being made, pushing the entire process into much more lengthy delays.

Applicants are being warned to cautiously fill out their applications and review the “Checklist of Required Initial Evidence” that is provided on the USCIS website prior to submitting any paperwork. Failing to provide proper required documentation or misunderstanding the directions on the application can result in the issuance of a Request for Evidence (RFE) causing even further processing delays.

In certain cases, applicants may be eligible for "expedited processing" which will require additional documentation. Eligibility is based on meeting at least one of USCIS’s "expedite criteria". NBC states that although some applicants may be eligible, “a single letter from the applicant, without additional supporting documentation, does not generally meet the criteria for expedited processing.”

Applicants with open pending cases can submit a service request with USCIS to stay updated with their case. If you have any questions regarding submitting I-765 and I-131 applications please contact Attorney Nicholas J. Mireles, Esq. at

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