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Immigration-related DMV information for the state of California

To receive a Driver's License, individuals must report to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Please review these web links to Lawful Presence Requirements:

Individuals with valid drivers license from a different state that they reside in may drive in the state of California legally. If an individual becomes a new resident of California, they should seek to change their license to that corresponding state/territory immediately.

The AB 60 driver's license is available to individuals who do not have lawful presence or a social security number through this link. You may also use this to access non-driver's license identification documents such as state IDs.

The AB 60 license usually takes approximately 90 days to be issued. For individuals who have fell out of status and submitted an extension in a timely manner may opt to apply for an AB 60 license while they are awaiting their pending status. AB 60 applications cannot be submitted until lawful presence is no longer held.

For a federal state drivers license, a social security card is required unless an individual can prove that they do not qualify for one. Individuals with lawful presence will receive a driver's license for the duration of their legal status. Once they fall out of that status, their drivers license will no longer be valid. DACA holders currently qualify for a drivers license in the state of California. Non-US citizens are also eligible for commercial driver's licenses.

Individuals may be able to receive a license extension based on a receipt notice depending on their status. F-1 students in a “cap gap” stay will be eligible for an extension while non-immigrants with extension petitions and applicants with pending AOS are not. These individuals may go ahead and apply for an AB 60 license rather than the extension.

For general questions, call DMV at (800) 777-0133 or (916) 657-6469. If you have any questions regarding immigration-related DMV information, please contact Attorney Nicholas J. Mireles, Esq. at

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