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U.S. Embassy in Bogota Begins Processing Venezuelan Immigrant Visas

Routine visa services have been suspended until further notice in Caracas, Venezuela. The U.S Embassy announced this break due to the recent departure of non-emergency personnel out of the country. If individuals wish to submit a non-immigrant visa application, it must be submitted outside of Venezuela at an Embassy or Consulate.

The Embassy in Bogota, Colombia will soon become the designated area for Venezuelan residents to submit their non-immigrant visa applications. As of April 2019, the Embassy in Bogota will begin processing all non-immigrant visa requests as well as scheduling interviews on site. The NVC will work directly with the Embassy in Bogota to schedule interviews and appointments on a case by case basis. While this process can be lengthy due to the high volume of requests, please use the online contact form for any questions on the status of your application rather than contacting the Embassy directly.

If you have any questions regarding non-immigrant visa applications in Venezuela, please contact Attorney Nicholas J. Mireles, Esq. at

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