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Can I apply for Unemployment Insurance if I'm not a US Citizen?

Unemployment benefits are a right of a worker and benefits paid into through paychecks etc. It is not considered as part of public charge: see USCIS Policy Manual:

Public Benefits Not Considered

1. Unenumerated Public Benefits

The following is a non-exhaustive list of public benefits that USCIS does not consider in the public charge inadmissibility determination as they are considered earned benefits:

  1. Federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Social Security benefits (SSDI);

  2. Social Security;

  3. Veteran’s benefits including but not limited to HUD-VASH, and medical treatment through the Veteran’s Health Administration;

  4. Government (including federal and state) pension benefits and healthcare;

  5. Unemployment benefits;

  6. Worker’s compensation;

  7. Medicare; or

  8. Federal and state disability insurance.

For additional information on work related benefits for non-citizens (including the undocumented) please see the following info and remember anyone with authorization to work is eligible for unemployment benefits:

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