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USCIS Returns Unselected Fiscal Year 2019 H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions

USCIS announced on July 30, 2018 that all fiscal year 2019 H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected by the random computer-generated selection process have been returned to applicants. All data entry regarding 2019 H-1B cap-subject petitions were fully completed on May 15th, 2018.

The H-1B program allocates visas to foreign workers in occupations that require applicants to have a specialized knowledge in a field, a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. Many H-1B visas are gave to individuals that will be working in the science, engineering, and informational technology fields. The current annual cap for regular H-1B visas is at 65,000. Up to 6,800 visas are set aside for the H-1B1 program under the U.S.-Chile and U.S.-Singapore free trade agreements.

If an applicant has not received their receipt notice or returned petition by August 13 and submitted it to USCIS between April 2 and April 6, 2018 they should contact USCIS for assistance.

If you have any questions regarding the current H1-B cap, please contact Attorney Nicholas J. Mireles at

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