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USCIS Unveils Customer Experience Enhancements for H-1B Cap Season

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently announced a series of customer experience improvements set to launch during the upcoming H-1B cap season. These enhancements aim to boost efficiency and foster collaboration between organizations and their legal representatives.

One significant update is the introduction of organizational accounts for non-cap filings during the fiscal year (FY) 2025 H-1B cap season. This feature will enable multiple individuals within an organization, including company entities and legal representatives, to collaborate on H-1B registrations, Form I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker), and the associated Form I-907 (Request for Premium Processing Service).

USCIS Director Ur M. Jaddou expressed enthusiasm about the move, stating, "USCIS is always striving to improve and streamline our processes, and this is a big step forward." With the launch of organizational accounts and the online filing of I-129 H-1B petitions, the entire H-1B lifecycle is set to become fully electronic, from registration to the final decision and transmission to the Department of State.

The anticipated launch of organizational accounts is scheduled for February 2024, with online filing of Forms I-129 and I-907 to follow shortly thereafter. Alongside streamlining the Form I-129 H-1B petition process, these changes are expected to minimize duplicate H-1B registrations and address common errors.

As part of USCIS's ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency, the paper filing location for Forms I-129 and I-907 will transition from service centers to the USCIS lockbox. This move aims to standardize processes and reduce costs.

To assist organizations and legal representatives in navigating these changes, USCIS will host two national engagements on organizational accounts on January 23 and 24. Additionally, smaller sessions leading up to the H-1B registration period will provide opportunities for individuals to ask questions and gain insights into the organizational account process. USCIS encourages all stakeholders involved in the H-1B registration and petition filing process to attend these engagements.

Invitations to these sessions will be sent later this month, and individuals can subscribe to notifications about upcoming engagements on the USCIS Contact Public Engagement page. Further details about organizational accounts will be available on the H-1B Electronic Registration Process page.

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